Yoshihiko is an Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics of Osaka University in Japan. He is currently on leave from Osaka until August 2019, and as a JSPS Overseas Research Fellow, he is conducting mathematical research at Stanford University in USA.

As a researcher, he specializes in differential geometry—geometry in curved spaces. His main focus is on the study of “asymptotically symmetric spaces.” It is a far-reaching generalization of geometry and analysis on the hyperbolic plane, the discovery of which occured in the early nineteenth century thoroughly altered what geometry means. For further details, see the description in my osaka-u.ac.jp web page (under preparation).

As an educator, he teaches mathematics at Osaka University to undergraduate students majoring mathematics and those majoring other subjects as well. Through his lectures and other opportunities, he tries to convey the delight of having an experience of understanding something deeply, and to help students developing a rich and versatile sense of values.

Recently, he occasionally enjoys delivering public lectures, which are mainly aimed at math lovers and prospects. He wishes to have chances to talk outside of academia continually. He is also interested in knowing in what various ways mathematics pops up in the world and how people with mathematical background are making difference in the world.